Thursday, March 6, 2008

Gambling With Patients' Lives

Yesterday the Associated Press reported that a chain of Las Vegas clinics may have infected up to 40,000 patients with HIV and Hepatitus B or C by re-using syringes and medication vials for over four years.

Even though nurses and other medical professionals knew the practice was unsafe, they were ordered to re-use the syringes and medication vials by the clinics' administration, most likely as a cost-saving measure.

Dr. Dipak Desai is the majority owner of the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada, where the infections took place. He is also active in a group called The Committee for Affordable and Accessible Healthcare/Keep Our Doctors in Nevada, which recently helped place caps on medial malpractice awards in that state. Contact information is available on their web site, and you might want to use it to, you know, congratulate them on their recent successes. Or to let them know that they've earned a place in Hell for themselves.

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