Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Where Was I?

Never try to stop smoking, lose weight and write a short story on deadline at the same time. Because none of them will get accomplished.

That's not entirely true. I've cut my smoking by 75% (thank God Nicorette gum is available without a prescription). I've written half a story (which won't be finished in time to submit to the anthology I had in mind). And I did lose three pounds.

So the past 2-4 weeks haven't been a complete loss. But the portion of them that wasn't spent in a frenzied haze was devoted to beating myself up, which is always a bloody affair. What little time was left over I spent reading and yard-saling. Both provided me with many hours of enjoyment.

These things happen from time to time. I'm pretty much an all-or-nothing type of guy. Most of the time it works out okay. Occasionally, however, this lifestyle swallows me alive. It's always nice to come out the other side, even if it does leave me feeling like shit.


John Bliss said...

Congratulations on your return. Classes started this week, which is a relief, because I need some structure in my life.

C. Michael Cook said...

You know what? I need some structure in my life, too, and wouldn't mind returning to work in order to get it.

Mrs. Clyde Beavers said...

I am feeling OVERLY-structured...but I'm never happy. Too much work equals stress, too little work equals boredom...when will I gladly surrender my discontent? Congrats on selling TWO stories!