Thursday, April 24, 2008

Where Are My Manners?

Last week Tyler Monfredi, one of the writers I met at the World Horror Conference, posted excerpts from an email discussion we had about the writing process on his blog.

It's an honor to be part of it, especially since other writers in the series include John Hornor Jacobs, Tracy Carbone and Hank Schwaeble.

John, Tracy and Hank all have interesting, revealing and valuable things to say. I mostly ramble on about the infinite number of drafts I have to produce in order to achieve something worthy of professional rejection. But alas, this is my cross to bear and now is not the time to complain.

Apologies to Tyler for not mentioning it here earlier.

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Tyler Monfredi said...

Thanks Mike, but I wasn't expecting manners, I was just trying to create a decent series on writing.
All the writers who I featured did a great job explaining their processes and you were first, because I asked you in an email to tell me about your process, and the reply was so long that I thought "Gee, I should ask a few other writers about their processes and maybe learn something about myself along the way (the journey of self discovery) and then I thought "Gee I could post this on my blog and get John Hornor (my only reader other than dear old dad) off my back for not updating the damn thing.